About Chilhowee Veterinary Clinic

We are veterinarians, some are also veterans or vegetarians, but we will answer to veterinarian, veterinary, vet, animal doctor, or just plain doc.

Our Mission

“To improve the lives of pets in Blount County by educating their people, providing wellness care and treatment options throughout their lives. To build a relationship with the pet owners and pet, so we can personalize the treatment plan to fit their lifestyle and life stage.”

About Us

If your pet is sick or ailin’ and has diarrhea, diarickies, vomiting, vomikins, or any other illness that is upsetting its tummy, we are here to help.

You may call your dog and/or your cat, your fur baby, four-legged child, cuddles, lovey, or canine or feline family member, however you may address them; we love to see them and you! We care for them for their lifetime, from the brand new, just got them, to well visits, heartworm, flea, and tick prevention, and neutering. We are here for all of it and for anything else you need.

“One cat, two dogs, a Red Abyssinian, a Blue Heeler. Black Cat, Blue Tick Hound, old cat, new puppy; We Love Them All.”

Feeding concerns? We can help with that! Is weight a problem for your pet? We have diets that can help with that! Itching, scabby skin? We can address skin issues. Sneezing cat? We can help with that too. We take care of your babies the way we take care of our own, with compassion, understanding, and an extra dose of hospitality.

We are a full-service small animal veterinary hospital and clinic. We can treat your dog or cat with their annual checkups and shots. We can diagnose and treat all common animal health care issues, provide ongoing wellness preventive care, and most elective surgeries such as spays & neutering, animal dentistry, all the way through orthopedic surgery. “Elective” surgery is the medical way of saying surgery that is optional, but we are sure that if your dog broke a leg, you would not consider getting it set as optional.

Our animal doctors and clinic staff understand this. We understand how committed you are to the health and well-being of your pet, and we are committed to being your animal care clinic of choice, providing quality animal health care and surgery services to our patients.