Pet Boarding

At Chilhowee Veterinary Clinic, we provide boarding services for cats and dogs. Please call us if you have any questions regarding our facilities or how to make a boarding reservation.


Pet Boarding

We at Chilhowee Veterinary Clinic are aware of how difficult it can be to leave your pet. We want you to know that while they are with us, we are only concerned with their well-being. While there are numerous boarding facilities available for your pet while you’re away, we believe our staff, which is led by a veterinarian, will go above and beyond to care for your pet.

Our boarding space is thoroughly cleaned each day so your pet may unwind in a hygienic setting. For the protection of all of our pet visitors, we demand current pet vaccines for dogs and cats at check-in as well as an annual negative fecal test. If your pet is not up to date on these shots, please make an appointment before bringing them to board; alternatively, they can receive the shots when they arrive for boarding.

DAPP, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccinations are needed for dogs, whereas FVRCP and Rabies vaccinations are needed for cats. Non-clients must provide a certificate as proof of their immunizations. Before boarding, your pet must pass an annual negative fecal test.