Pet Dental with Digital Radiology

With proper dental care, your pet will not only have a bright smile but also better lifelong health.


Pet Dental with Digital Radiology

X-ray imaging is a type of digital radiology. Instead of using traditional photographic film, we use computerized X-ray sensors. These digital sensors use less radiation to produce pictures than traditional X-rays, making them safer and more efficient than traditional X-rays. An efficient way to examine the bones, joints, and important organs of a sick or injured pet is with X-rays.

Pet Digital Dental X-Rays

Dental radiographs are used in every one of our dental treatments to check for periodontal disease below the gum line. By offering this high caliber of care, we can make sure that every treatment is complete and thorough, delaying the need for subsequent dental procedures. All X-rays are sent out for evaluation by a board-certified doctor as a standard of care.